Do implants hurt?

You will require a minor surgical procedure to place the implants in your jaw. Following your procedure, it’s normal to experience some pain and swelling while your mouth heals. Our team will provide you with detailed postoperative instructions and prescribed pain relievers (as needed) to help you manage any discomfort you may experience.

How long do dentures last?

The average lifespan of complete dentures is 5-10 years, while partial dentures can last up to 15. Over time, you will need to have your dentures relined to ensure optimal fit and function, and your dentures will eventually need to be replaced. Be sure to schedule regular checkups with our office to assess the condition of your dentures and help keep you smiling for many years to come.

Do you offer dental sedation?

Yes, we do! Our team offers laughing gas to help patients relax during a variety of procedures, including root canals, extractions, and dental emergencies. If you’re undergoing a lengthy or complex procedure, we also offer oral conscious sedation. Be sure to discuss your treatment needs with our team to determine if sedation is right for you!

How long is a root canal procedure?

The length of your procedure will depend on your unique case, such as the position of your tooth and the condition of the tooth receiving treatment. Our dentist will explain what to expect during your root canal before your procedure.

How much do extractions cost?

The full cost of your extraction will depend on your unique circumstances and treatment needs. Our team will discuss all costs during your initial consultation and answer any questions you may have about insurance coverage and payment options.

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